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"Ethnic" is an adjective, it is used as a description of music styles that are expressions of the life of people within a specific community.

It is also important that "Ethnic" music will maintain and preserve the cultural identity of the specific community that it represents.

"Ethnic" music should not be confused with World Music.

Ethnic music will often involve musical instruments that are highly individual to the communities that it represents. for example;-

Some Instruments

Charkov's bubens (shaman drums)

Ethnic 1.gif

The buben has deep and beautiful sound, it's head is the finest grade goat skin and the rim is of solid construction, similar to the Irish Bodhran. It's a handmade instrument.

The Saz

Ethnic 2.gif

Pronounced "sahz", this is a Turkish stringed instrument. It is the grandfather of the Greek Bouzouki and is also related to the Oud. It originated in Central Asia where Turks lived before their westward migration.

==Mid-East 26" 15 String Biblical Nevel Harp

Ethnic 3.jpeg

This is a very loud harp sounding instrument, it's 26" long, has15 nylon strings and is built for the biblical scale.


Ethnic 4.gif

Pronounced "ZERN uh". This is a type of horn used in Turkish folk music, which is a member of the oboe family. It produces a loud, very ethnic-sounding tone.

The Tabor drum

Ethnic 5.jpeg

This had a single gut snare across the bottom, was used in wartime and is played with a fife/pipe

Common uses of the Word

One of the most well known uses of the term "Ethnic" in a musical context would be African "Ethnic" music

Every country has some form of "Ethnic" music style, here's some from Turky

Here's some from the UK