Feet fetish

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Feet Fetish

Feet 01.jpg

Feet are wonderful things aren't they. And we're just so lucky to have two of our very own where ever we go. If you've ever been tickled on the feet as a kid you know how damn sensitive they can be. So knowing that, it's only natural that when we grew older and become sexually active that we incorporate these lovely little things into good sex. I have known people who have cum just from having their toe sucked on. WOW! Hardcore, right?! Kind of, yes. But it just goes to show how sensitive they are to different sensations. So be kind to them, pamper them to make them soft and supple and in return they will defiantly look after you, because Feet can also be used in pretty much ANY sexual act out there. With this in mind, why not try it out next time you're getting jiggy wit' it.