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Fishnets 01.jpeg

Who doesn't like fishnets? They're all the fashion in so many shops.

You can even pick them up from a pound shop if you looked, they are EVERYWHERE.

But, why is fishnets a fetish? How does it go from admiring a girl wearing fishnets to being a fishnet fetishist? Let me just describe this scene for you: A gorgeous girl walks into your bedroom wearing nothing but a fishnet cat-suit, not even underwear in this scenario and she slowly runs her hands up her legs, up her hips and stomach and across her breasts. She then seeing your arousal starts to rip the fishnet cat-suit off of her quickly and violently, you can hear the material snapping in her grasp..... you're now a fishnet fetishist. There are plenty of other materials that can be bought into the Fetish Wear market, these would include, Rubber, Leather Fetish wear, Chain Fetish wear, and PVC