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As always we have to start with this, please remember, this is a conspiracy theory, and we encourage you all to make up your own minds regarding everything that is on Altopedia.


This water/toothpaste fluoridation conspiracy arises from political, moral, ethical, and safety concerns regarding the fluoridation of public water supplies. Those opposed argue that water fluoridation may cause serious health problems, is not effective enough to justify the costs, and has a dosage that cannot be precisely controlled. There are some countries, that add fluoride to table salt.

At the dosage recommended for water fluoridation, the only known adverse effect is dental fluorosis, which can alter the appearance of children's teeth during tooth development. Dental fluorosis is cosmetic and unlikely to represent any other effect on public health. Some countries choose water fluoridation as a method to reduce cavities in both children and adults.

Opposition to fluoridation has existed since its initiation in the 1940s. During the 1950s and 1960s, some opponents of water fluoridation suggested that fluoridation was a communist plot to undermine public health. In recent years water fluoridation has become a pervasive health and political issue in many countries, resulting in changes to public policy regarding water fluoridation.

Mind Control Theory

Only a few countries fluoridate their water supplies to prevent tooth decay: the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. While this might have been done with the best intentions, and is thought to be a public health triumph by the Centers of Disease Control and the American Dental Association, countless conspiracy theorists are claiming that fluoridated water is proof of government malevolence.

This isn’t anything new. Back in the Cold War era, critics were claiming that water fluoridation was part of a communist mind-control scheme. In recent years water fluoridation has become a pervasive health and political issue in many countries, resulting in some halting water fluoridation altogether, but the debate is not always rooted in conspiracy theories, it also focuses on whether government authorities have the legal right to add chemicals to drinking water. Furthermore, consumers of public water cannot opt-out of fluoridated tap water and have to use other options. So this form of compulsory mass medication is actually a valid topic of discussion.

Still, to date, the only proven negative consequence of water fluoridation is dental fluorosis, which can create pitting and mottling on children’s teeth, a condition which is mostly cosmetic, (but we're sure it brings more money into the world health industries). Also, there are some concerns expressed by the National Kidney Foundation, which has called for more research into fluoridation’s effects on those with renal diseases.

Some environmental organisations, like The Sierra Club, are also opposed to water fluoridation because of possible health risks and the impact of fluoridated water on the environment when the water gets into the soil.

There’s nothing wrong with public advocacy groups taking stands for or against fluoridation using valid arguments, but the renewed public-policy and health debate is perverted and exaggerated by conspiracy theorists. The most outrageous theory on water fluoridation is that it’s being used by governments to make their citizens passive and lethargic, and that it’s virtually the same thing as Prozac (they’re actually chemically dissimilar).

The modern version of the conspiracy theory claims we learned about water fluoridation from the Nazis, who gave it to Jews in concentration camps to make them docile and submissive to authority, but this conspiracy theory upsets other anti-fluoridation activists. Paul Connett, the co-author of the book The Case Against Fluoride says, “'We have done our level best to discourage opponents of fluoridation from using this emotive argument. The historical evidence for this assertion is extremely weak. It is sad that the U.S. media has done such a bad job of educating the public on this issue that it is so easy for crazy ideas to fill the vacuum”. Also, some have claimed that The U.S. Holocaust Museum has stated that it has never heard of fluoride being used by Nazis as a mind-control drug.

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