Food Fetish

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Food Fetish

We need food to survive. We also need to have more food in the bedroom. And i'm not talking about trying to brush the night time biscuit crumb from the bedsheets every half and hour while you try to sleep. I'm talking about pouring yoghurts across your girlfriends chest and licking that bad girl till she squeals for more. But it's more than yoghurt pouring, it's cucumbers being lodged places whilst your boyfriend chomps down on it. Yeh! Now, that's what I'M talking about. The colours, the different scents, the heat of a freshly cooked pancake lobbed on my breasts, with maple syrup dripped over them. Yeh! The funky chill of an ice cube on your balls in a middle of a blow-job (seriously, you gotta try that one, at least once) and the sheer thrill of making your partner tilt her head back as you squirt whipped cream in her mouth. This isn't just sex, this is m&s sex.

People would think food fights could just be a waste of food, but those with a food fetish, would find them simply titillating. As it turns out, there are a lot of people all over the world who find it intensely stimulating to be covered in wet, messy, food substances. While these fetishes might be messy, they're otherwise fairly harmless and a lot more innocent than many other sexual obsessions found on the net.

There are two sides to this fetish;-
One side are those who are turned on by food, but this can be through consumption, or direct sexual/non sexual contact with the food, sometimes these people are known as "Sitophiles".
The other side of this fetish, are sometimes known as "Sploshers" they would love being wet and messy and while the most common substances involved in the fetish tend to be edible, some sploshers like mud, oil and paint in place of pies, pudding and syrup, and may have some crossover with Bukkake.

  • Another fetish that involves food and the naked female or male form would be Nyotaimori