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Future Garage is a more recent style of UK Garage which grew out of a rebellion against Dub Step, it was kick started by producers who were looking for something different and looking for something that would kick against the trends in Dub Step.

These producers made tunes that were closer to the 2-step and UK Garage sound of the late 90s and early 00s, deliberately keeping away from the heavy wobble bass sound that's so familiar in Dub Step. The other distinguishing feature of Future Garage is that it is much more "accessible" than the original UK Garage was, it would seem that there's been an influence from I.D.M. (Intellegent Dance Music). The resulting sound is often minimalistic, with broken rhythms and bright, clean melodies.

Of the Dub Step producers who pioneered this strand of UK Garage, the best known is probablyy Disclosure.

The term Future Garage was originally coined by Sub.fm’s Whistla, who also set up L2S Recordings, the genre’s first dedicated label.
Other notable artists include FaltyDL, Brackles and Joy Orbison.