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Intro and Info

Drum n Bass legend, who found success during the original Rave days.

Original name - Clifford Joseph Price, on 19 September 1965.

Made his reputation as an Electronic Dance Music artist, Dj, visual artist, and in later days, an actor.

During his early days, he earned respect for creating innovations in the Jungle and Drum n Bass world. Prior to that, he'd gained exposure for his work as a graffiti artist.

Movies and TV

Goldie, during the later days of his career, he also became an actor and performer, some of his acting credits include;-
James Bond film The World Is Not Enough
Guy Ritchie - Snatch
British soap opera EastEnders.
He has also appeared in a number of celebrity reality television shows including Celebrity Big Brother 2, Strictly Come Dancing and Come Dine with Me.

Some Albums List

1) Timeless (1995)

Goldie timeless.jpg

2) Saturnz Return (1998)


3) Ring of Saturn (1999)


4) MDZ 05 (2005)


5) Malice in Wonderland (2007)


6) Sine Tempus - The Soundtrack (2008)


7) Memoirs of an Afterlife (2009)


8) The Journey Man (2017)

Goldie The Journey Man.jpg

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