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Marko Milićević (in Serbian: "Марко Милићевић"), mostly known by his stage name of "Gramophonedzie", he is a Serbian DJ from Belgrade.

He is probably best known for his 2010 single "Why Don't You", which has peaked to number 12 on the UK Singles Chart and was on Now That's What I Call Music 75.

Gramophonedzie has been associated with the Electro Swing genre.

Singles List

  • 2010 "Why Don't You"
  • 2010 "Out of My Head"
  • 2012 "No Sugar" (with Joey Negro & Shea Soul)
  • 2012 "Number One"
  • 2013 "Not My Groove"

Remixes List

  • 2007 Da Fuzz "The First Time (Gramophonedzie Remix)"
  • 2008 Mr. Fuzz feat. Jahmark "Don't You Want Me (Gramophonedzie Remix)"
  • 2009 Nick Maurer "Wash My Hands (Gramophonedzie Remix)"
  • 2009 Bad Copy "Idemo Odma (Gramophonedzie Remix)"
  • 2009:Memphis "Le Petit (Gramophonedzie Remix)
  • 2010 Professor Green "I Need You Tonight (Gramophonedzie Remix)"
  • 2013 The Young Punx "Kowloon Kickback (Gramophonedzie Mix)"


In 2010, he won the MTV Europe Music Awards for Best Adriatic Act.

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