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Grey aliens

Grey aliens are the most commonly known type of alien, even though only half of all United States abductions reports them being involved. They are well known throughout the world and appear in many popular films and shows.


Though depictions and reports can vary, a grey alien has many main consistent characteristics. They are usually around 4 ft tall, with large heads too big for their small stature. They have big eyes that are completely black, though some report that this is just a protective film and that they have normal eyes underneath. They have no noticeable hair, ears or noses and a small slit for a mouth. They are generally grey-skinned, hence their name. The amount of fingers on their hands can vary but most reports suggest they have three fingers and one thumb on each hand. They have long arms but short legs. They are usually reported with a lack of visible genitalia

Greys in the media

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

The greys featured in Close Encounters are of the benevolent kind and allow humans to travel with them on their spaceship. They appear right at the end.

South Park

Apparently there is a grey alien hidden in every episode of South Park. They appear in the pilot episode 'Cartman Gets an Anal Probe' and, as the title suggests, probe him.

American Dad

Roger is a grey alien that lives with the Smith family. Stan Smith, the father who works for the CIA, helped him escape from capture once and he has stayed with the family ever since. He is rude, almost constantly drunk and enjoys dressing up. He is my favourite depiction of a Grey alien so far.


Paul is a recent science fiction film written by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Paul (the grey alien) is on the run from the United States Secret Service and is helped out by Pegg and Frost's characters. Paul is like Roger from American Dad, he drinks, is rude at times and enjoys getting high. Throughout the film, Paul mocks pop references; "Agent Mulder was my idea!" (The X-Files), (On asked whether he was going to probe Clive and Graeme, the main characters) "Why does everyone always assume that? What am I doing? Am I harvesting farts? How much can I learn from an ass?", and the film even has him speak to Steven Spielberg about creating E.T. Paul has healing abilities and can turn invisible when he holds his breath.

Notable sightings

Betty and Barney Hill

Betty and Barney Hill were a married couple who claimed to have been abducted on September 19th, 1961. When driving back from a vacation, they spotted a strange bright light in the sky just south of New Hampshire. They continued driving and Betty saw that the light was a large flying object, but not a plane. When the craft descended over their car, Barney stopped and got out of the car, using his binoculars to look into the object where he saw around 11 humanoid figures looking out through a panel of windows on the side of the craft. Barney began to panic so he got back in the car and drove away and the U.F.O disappeared. Their car then began to make a series of strange beeping sounds, the Hills then say that their memory of driving 35 miles south was vague and hazy. Betty rang the Pease Air Force Base on the 21st of September to report what she had seen. Major Paul W. Henderson spoke to the Hills further before determining in his report that they had misidentified the planet Jupiter for a space craft.
Walter N. Webb, an astonomer and member of NICAP (National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena) interviewed the Hills for six hours and decided that the Hills were telling the truth.
Betty had a series of vivid dreams over 5 consecutive nights about the incident. She dreamt that grey aliens took her and Barney aboard their ship and examined them separately. One alien plunged a needle into her navel but made the pain disappear. They also took skin and fingernail samples. Betty then spoke to the 'leader' of the aliens who at first gave her a book with strange symbols in to take home, but then changed his mind and decided to block the encounter from her memory.
On November 25th, members of NICAP interviewed the Hills again (C.D. Jackson and Robert E. Hohman). They noticed that the Hill's journey should have only taken four hours, but instead took them 7 hours and the Hills could not account for the missing time.
The Hills then met hypnotist Doctor Simons on December 14th, 1963, in an attempt to discover what had happened that night. Doctor Simon began to have hypnotherapy lessons with the Hills a few times a week, from January 1964 to June that year. He conducted the sessions separately.
In Barney's sessions, he recalls that the night he drove away from the UFO he had been compelled to pull off the road and drive into the woods, where he met six of the humanoid figures who told him not to be afraid. He recalled that he and Betty were taken onto the U.F.O and separated. They examined Barney by taking skin samples and putting a tube into his anus. Barney also believed they took a sperm sample from him. He recalled that the beings spoke in an unknown language, and when they spoke to him he thought it was through the mind. He was escorted from the ship and taken to the car.
In Betty's session, her and Barney's recollections were consistent thought some of the details contradicted those of her dreams. Betty had a lot of emotional stress during the sessions. Doctor Simon got Betty to draw a three dimensional star map that the beings showed her.
Doctor Simon concluded that Barney's recollections were fantasy which Barney rejected though the Hill's and the Doctor agreed that the sessions had been useful as the couple were no longer suffering from anxiety from the encounter.