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Grime is urban music that first emerged in Bow, in East London, during the early 2000s, initially a spin off of UK Garage.

In the same way as UK Garage, the emergence of grime is intrinsically connected to its origins on UK pirate radio, with many performers honing their skills and achieving underground success before approaching the mainstream.

In its early days, some of the terms used by followers and by artists within the world of Grime included;-
“sublow” (a reference to the very low bassline frequencies, often around 40 Hz), and
“eskibeat” (a term initially used by Wiley and his collaborators)

As Grime grew and began to obtain nationwide exposure, it indicated a move for UK Garage away from any House connections and moved towards darker themes and sounds.

Some of the first tracks to be labeled Grime were ‘Eskimo’ by Wiley and “Pulse X” by Musical Mob.

The later end of the 2000s saw Grime artists hit mainstream media, and artists such as Dizzee Rascal, Tinie Tempah and Tinchy Stryder enjoyed continued success in the UK singles chart signifying the beginning of a more commercial direction for the genre. Even though the "commercial" version of Grime might not be as good, or as dark as where it grew from, this shouldn't detract from its initial quality and creativity.