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Grindcore is one of the more extreme sub genres of Heavy Metal which originated in the early- to mid-1980s, it draws a lot of influence from, as well as adds a lot of influence to, such genres as, Extreme Metal, Industrial, Noize and Hardcore Punk.

Grindcore uses a lot of heavily distorted guitars, with dropped tuning, deep bass, high tempo blast beats, and vocals which consist of growls and high-pitched shrieks, with lyrical themes focusing on social and political concerns, gory subject matter and dark humor. One of the early groups who are credited with laying the groundwork for this style are Napalm Death.

A trait of Grindcore is the "microsong". Several bands have produced songs that are only seconds in length, Napalm Death holds the Guinness World Record for shortest song ever recorded with the one-second, that being "You Suffer" from 1987. Many bands record simple phrases that may be rhythmically sprawled out across an instrumental lasting only a couple of bars in length.

Earache Records founder Digby Pearson, said that grindcore "wasn't just about the speed of the drums, blast beats, etc." He claimed that "it actually was coined to describe the guitars - heavy, downtuned, bleak, harsh riffing guitars that 'grind', so that's what the genre was described as, by the musicians who were its innovators and proponents."


While abrasive, Grindcore achieved a measure of mainstream press visibility, even the NME featured Napalm Death on their cover in 1988, declaring them "the fastest band in the world."

James Hoare, deputy editor of Terrorizer Magazine, wrote;-

It can be argued that no strand of Extreme Metal (with a touch of Hardcore Punk and Post Punk tossed in for flavouring), has had so big an impact outside the gated community of patch-jackets and circle-pits as grindcore has in the UK.

The genre is a part of the true British musical experience.