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House music is a style of electronic dance music which originated in Chicago in the 80s, check out our Chicago House link. The style was developed by mainly African-American DJs who started experimenting with new editing techniques such as remixing, sampling and new electronic instruments like synthesizers and sequencers and repetitive sounds and beats. Typical to the genre is a ‘’four to the floor’’ beat, often a low repeating bassline and the use of recognisable instrumentation like piano chords and soulful vocals. Eventually it gained popularity through the club scenes in Detroit, New York and Europe in the late 80s. House music has notable influences 1970s Soul and Funk infused disco sounds. House music takes disco’s use of a prominent bass drum on every beat and developed a new style by mixing in a heavy electronic synthesiser bassline, electronic drums, electronic effects, Funk and pop samples, and reverb or delay enhanced vocals.