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Alternative Playground, the user will be allowed one of the fetish based Alter Egos if the user has signed up to our adult/fetish dating site Libertease -

There will be links from that AP user account to their account on Libertease.

Model Entertainers

On the Alternative Playground social networking site, an alternative model will be allowed to socially network his/her modeling Alter Egos, if that user has signed up to Model Entertainers, their model photos and thumbnails will have a banner link to that models Model Entertainers profile, directly to that models page, but with an 18 plus warning. Adult themed content will be welcome on Model Entertainers, but much more limited on Alternative Playground Models on Model Entertainers will have permission to use music from Detonation Recordings to back the promo videos that they upload. Models will also have the ability to make money from the profiles they have on Model Entertainers.

Alternative Things

Alternative Playground alternative designer account, or as we plan to call it, Artisan Alter Egos, as long as they have signed up to a section of Alternative Things

Detonation Recordings

Alternative Playground band Alter Egos, will get extra privileges if they've signed up to Detonation Recordings, it will also create adverts within AP for bands that are on Detonation. Bands that are signed to Detonation will be our first choice as backing music for the models on Model Entertainers

the Independent Voice

Whenever a user on Alternative Playground types a status that includes a band or a subject that we have featured on The Independent Voice, it will turn that word in the text into a clickable word that opens direct to the search results for that band or article in a new window.

The On Line Press Association

Members of The Online Press Association will be allowed to have a writers profile on Alternative Playground, on the OLPA they will be able to post links back to their own publications, promote and sell their own work, and of course, link and promote their existence on the OLPA via their Alternative Playground profile.


Many links here, for one, the information about fetishes from the dating sites Libertease, will be linked to Altopedia, the bands on Detonation Recordings will have a page on Altopedia, in fact whenever a text link is needed from any of the sites in the mix, it wil be a link to Altopedia. All articles that appear in The Independent Voice that have a page on Altopedia, will be linked. Altopedia will also have a news feed from The Independent Voice on its front page.

Alternative Playground Game

There will be a "forrest of knowledge". Users can walk through this forrest within the game, the trees looking like the tree that's the Altopedia logo, each one taking the player to a different category within Altopedia.