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If you like butt plugs with tails on the end, then this form of Animal Roleplay may just up your street on the spectrum of Fetishes.

Human Pony training video pt 1

Giddy Up

To be a Human Pony you need a Driver with a whip, who takes care and parades you around, and of course, discipline you when you're naughty (bad pony!). Then you need Human Pony gear, which consists of:- a bridle with bit, which then connects to the reins, your hands and arms are then bound at the back with mitts. As soon as you put these on you, in your mind ARE a Pony. You can leave the world where you are a human behind and find escape in becoming a beautiful pony, learning fancy trots and moves.

Human Pony training video pt 2

On the Trot

You can also decide if you want to be a 2 leg pony, so you move around on just two hind legs or to go the whole hog and go down on all fours, the difference being on 2 legs you can move around more comfortably and easier – good for beginners. Being on 4 legs of course can make the experience feel even more real and can also be teamed up with more restraints to prevent you from going onto 2 legs. Then of course you can find yourself some human pony shows, where you're parading around in all your finest, ribbons galore and gold restraints.

Human Pony Book

the book cover of a book by Rebecca Wilcox

The Good Reads website describes this book as;-
"Renowned ponymistress Rebecca Wilcox distills her decades of expeience owning and training bio-horses, plus her fiendishly kinky imagination, into a comprehensive, photographically illustrated introduction to outfitting and training the human pony."

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