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Info and Intro

Large-Event International Goth/Industrial DJ, who also DJ’s 80’s events, and Dance/Top-40, but does not mix todays top 40 with Gothic/Industrial.

Recently Interviewed by Legendary Journalist/Photographer Mick Mercer. Jack was the first full-time DJ/Promoter ever interviewed by him. Please see THE MICK September 2014 Issue, (the 12 page Interview starts on Page 42) www.mickmercer.com

He was chosen as "DJ of the Month", in September 2013 for PROMO-RUSH

Another write up, came from Draven Taylor

He was also interviewed in Carpe Nocturne E-Magazine, page 135 Spring 2011 Issue

His Online radio show, RITUAL NOISE has been moved from Every Thursday to every Wednesday, Live on the web/Internet. 8 EST, 5PST USA time on WFKU, starting January 22 2014. Do tune in. There always Various themes, and as always, a mish-mosh of songs you may have heard, different versions of said-songs you know, and others you may not have (but will be happy to have discovered!) .

He enjoys the scene and the people very much and has promoted some wonderful events in it through the years.

A quote from him - "My main goal over the last 8+ years has been to help unify the Gothic/Industrial scene (as well as the fetish crowd) more. Hence, I have been at the helm of";-

The International Goth/Industrial & Fetish Scene group on Facebook

The New York/Tri-State + East Coast Goth/Industrial & Fetish Scenes

The Artist & Musician's Goth/Industrial Musical Scene

The European Goth/Industrial and Fetish Scenes

The West Coast Goth/Industrial and Fetish Scene

The Midwest Goth/Industrial & Fetish Scene

Some Djing High Spots

  • The Endless Night Halloween Vampire Ball at the House of Blues in New Orleans (2010+2011),
  • Montreal Fetish Weekend,
  • The Manhattan Fetish Cruise in NY
  • Resurrection (N.H.),NY Vampire Ball
  • Bermuda
  • QXT's in NJ
  • Montana DARK ARTS Festival, Friday 17 July 2015 — Sunday 19 July 2015
  • BATS DAY, Disney/Anaheim Memorial Day weekend, 2015
  • Manhattan Fetish Cruise; April 25th 2015
  • "The Attic" in Boston March 9th, 2015
  • "The Attic" in Boston February 9th 2015
  • New Orleans Fall 2015
  • "The Attic" in Boston November 10th 2014
  • Nyctophilia New Orleans Sept 2014
  • Resurrection: CLUSTERF**K!, August 7, 2014
  • New Orleans, November 2013. (I love NOLA)
  • BERMUDA, OCT 2013
  • Midnight, DC; August ,2013
  • Dracula's Ball 15th Anniversary Ball, June 1st 2013
  • Enchanted! Boston MA December 7th, 2012 -Feb 2013
  • Hanscom Airforce Base, MA December 1st, 2012
  • Hellz Kitchen Newark NJ , November 24th 2012
  • Enchanted! (Formerly Fetrix) November 2nd, 2012
  • Manhattan Fetish Halloween Cruise, Oct 13th 2012, NYC
  • ALIEN NATION Albany NY July 6th 2012
  • Fetrix, Boston; Resident DJ from Dec 2011-March 2012
  • DEFCON Industrial New York January 14th 2012
  • Mike Saga's "I Love Industrial!" Philadelphia PA 11/11/11
  • Endless Night Vampire Ball, House of Blues; New Orleans; Halloween 2011 (was one time the #1 Halloween party in the world by TripAdvisor.com )
  • Manhattan Fetish Halloween Cruise, Oct. 22nd 2011 NYC
  • Midnight, DC; August 6th,2011
  • The "Attic" (First Fetish Fridays) @ Club Orpheus, Baltimore; August 5th, 2011
  • True Blood Party, QXT's, NJ, June 25th 2011
  • The Manhattan Fetish Cruise; May 28th, 2011
  • Resurrection, NH May 19th 2011
  • Dracula's Ball April 23rd, 2011 Philly.
  • Destruction & Rebirth: An Artistic Look At BDSM, its History and Community, Boston; April 14th 2011
  • Endless night Vampire Ball, New Orleans; House of Blues,
  • Halloween, October 2010, (4 hours total)
  • Manhattan Halloween Fetish Cruise, NY; Oct 2010
  • Gods and Monsters, RI; Sept 2010
  • Djing with Bella Morte, October 2010
  • Dominion, RI; September 2010 Founder/organizer
  • The Electronica4Life Benefit, August/Sept. 2010
  • Hathor's Garden: Providence RI June 2010
  • Sonik Foundry with support by Bow Ever Down; May 2010
  • Ulteria, CT June 2010
  • MIDNIGHT, Washington DC May 8th, 2010
  • ECLIPSE@ Club Orpheus Baltimore,May 7th 2010
  • Resurrection NH April 2010
  • Spectacle of Sin III March 2010
  • Ulteria, CT March 2010
  • Vampire Freaks Store NY Feb 2010
  • 15th Annual Vampire's Ball, NY Feb 2010
  • Bleeding Hearts Ball; New York City Feb 2010
  • Resurrection, NH Nov. 2009
  • Spectacle of Sin II, Vermont Sept. 2009
  • Montreal Fetish Weekend, Sept. 2009
  • FIXE at QXT's New Jersey, June 2009
  • Sunday Night FIXE at Le Poisson Rouge New York May, 2009

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