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This is an "up-tempo" style of Blues usually played by small groups and featuring horns.

Jump Blues featured shouted, highly syncopated vocals and earthy, comedic lyrics on contemporary urban themes. It strongly emphasized the rhythm section of piano, bass and drums; after the mid-1940s, this mix was often augmented by electric guitar. Louis Jordan's band pioneered the use of the electric organ.

It was mostly popular in the 1940s, but originated from the 1930s. Jump Blues is considered to be a precursor to the arrival of Rhythm and Blues as well as Rock n Roll, and Rockabilly.

In more recent years, there was renewed interest in jump blues during the 1990s as part of the Swing revival.

Elements of Jump Blues can be found in Blues, Big Band, Swing, Boogie Woogie, and Jazz.

The typical instruments, would be - Sax, Brass Instruments, Electric Guitar (in the rhythm guitar role), Piano, Acoustic Bass, and Drums.

Some artists we can suggest would include;

Jimmy Witherspoon

Louis Jordan

Billy Wright