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Jungle Music is a style of Electronic Dance Music that grew from Hardcore Breakbeat and was a precursor to Acid House in the UK around 1992, Jungle takes much of its inspiration from Ragga, Reggae and Hip Hop and can often be found in clubs being mixed alongside Drum n Bass.

Jungle tends to run at a high tempo, generally around 160 to 170bpm, with heavy bass and complex/chopped up and recycled Breakbeat.

Even though Jungle and Drum n Bass are often played together, the term Drum n Bass appeared later, it can be argued that jungle can is different to modern Drum n Bass in the structure of the track, Drum n Bass has integrated percussion and bass structure while jungle has a distinct bass line separated from the percussion. Also, many people feel that the general 2-step beat of Drum n Bass is different from its predecessor’s more complex “chopped up" beats.