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KMFDM, the band who managed to cross over the fanbase from the world of Gothic with the fanbase from the world of Industrial, they once famously remixed for White Zombie, and are cited by many people as the artist that bought that Industrial sound to public attention.


An Industrial band led by German multi-instrumentalist Sascha Konietzko, who founded the group in 1984 as a performance art project.

KMFDM has had successful sales of more than two million records worldwide.

The band has undergone a number of line-up changes and featured loads of guest musicians. Its earliest incarnation included German drummer En Esch and British vocalist Raymond Watts, the latter of whom left and rejoined the group several times over its history. German guitarist Günter Schulz joined in 1990; both he and Esch continued with the band until KMFDM broke up in 1999.

Konietzko resurrected KMFDM in 2002 (Esch and Schulz declined to rejoin), and by 2005 he had assembled a consistent line-up that included American singer Lucia Cifarelli, British guitarists Jules Hodgson and Steve White, and British drummer Andy Selway.

Critics consider KMFDM to be one of the first bands to bring Industrial music to mainstream audiences, though Konietzko refers to the band's music as "The Ultra-Heavy Beat".

They incorporates Heavy Metal style guitar riffs, electronic music, samples, and both male and female vocals in its music, which encompasses a variety of styles.

KMFDM normally tours at least once after every major release, and band members are known for their accessibility to and interaction with fans, both online and at concerts.

Members, singly or working with each other and others, have recorded under many other names, primarily Watts' Pig in 1988, Konietzko's Excessive Force in 1991, and Esch and Schulz's Slick Idiot in 2001.

Studio Albums List

  1. Opium (1984)
  2. What Do You Know, Deutschland? (1986)
  3. Don't Blow Your Top (1988)
  4. UAIOE (1989)
  5. Naïve (1990)
  6. Money (1992)
  7. Angst (1993)
  8. Nihil (1995)
  9. Xtort (1996)
  10. Symbols (1997)
  11. Adios (1999)
  12. Attak (2002)
  13. WWIII (2003)
  14. Hau Ruck (2005)
  15. Tohuvabohu (2007)
  16. Blitz (2009)
  17. WTF?! (2011)
  18. Kunst (2013)
  19. Our Time Will Come (2014)
  20. Hell Yeah (2017)
  21. Paradise (2019)


Members of KMFDM have either founded, fronted, or supported a score of other bands throughout their history, before, during, or after working in KMFDM.

  1. Shotgun Messiah – Tim Sköld (1985–93)
  2. Pig – Raymond Watts (1988–present) (Pig members Jules Hodgson, Andy Selway, and Steve White joined KMFDM in 2002 and 2003), Günter Schulz (touring guitarist 2006–present)
  3. PigfaceBill Rieflin (1990–93), En Esch (1990–93, 1999–2005), Schulz (1999–2005)
  4. Excessive Force – Sascha Konietzko, Esch, Schulz, Mark Durante (1991–93)
  5. Esch released two solo albums: Cheesy in 1993, and Spänk in 2014.
  6. Schaft – Watts (1994)
  7. Drill – was fronted by Lucia Cifarelli prior to her involvement MDFMK and KMFDM. (1995–96)
  8. Skold (1996–present) – Sköld has released material as a solo artist.
  9. MDFMK – Formed by Konietzko, Skold, and Cifarelli during KMFDM's hiatus (2000–01)
  10. Slick Idiot – Formed by Esch and Schulz following the 1999 break-up of KMFDM (2001–present)
  11. Marilyn Manson – Skold (2002–2009)
  12. Schwein – Watts, Konietzko, Cifarelli (2001)
  13. Cifarelli released the solo album From the Land of Volcanos in 2003.
  14. Schulz – Schulz's solo project (2004–06)
  15. R.E.M.Bill Rieflin (2004–11)
  16. KGC – Konietzko, Cifarelli (2006)
  17. Gare du Nord – Dorona Alberti (2006–present)
  18. Mona Mur & En Esch – Esch's collaboration with German vocalist Mona Mur (2007–present)
  19. The Spittin' Cobras – Hodgson, Selway (2009–present)
  20. PROLET•KULT (2011) – A solo album released by Konietzko under the name OK•ZTEIN•OK.

What does it stand for?

It seems to stand for - Keine Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid, which translates to "No pity for the majority"

but many comical rumours have stated it could stand for -

kill mother f******g depeche mode

kylie minogue f**ks for deutsche marks

Members Name Check

  • Sascha Konietzko – vocals, guitar, bass, programming, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion
  • Lucia Cifarelli – vocals, keyboards
  • Jules Hodgson – guitar, bass, keyboards
  • Andy Selway – drums
  • Steve White – guitar

Key Former Members

  • En Esch – vocals, drums, guitar, programming
  • Raymond Watts – vocals, programming
  • Günter Schulz – guitar, programming
  • Mark Durante – guitar, steel guitar
  • Tim Skold – vocals, guitar, bass, drums, programming

External Links

Facebook Page

KMFDM, 2013, live in London reviewed and Photographed by The Independent Voice