Kidnap fantasy

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The submissive player is bound (rope, duct tape, bondage tape, handcuffs, etc.) and gagged (Duct Tape Gags, Bondage Tape Gags, Cleave Gags, Ball Gags, etc.) and teased before the sexual act. Kidnapping: This is a very popular fantasy/roleplay where the person is taken against their will and abused.
This is done in a consenting way but no time or date is confirmed with the person being kidnapped to add to the surprise. This varies from being tied up and being beaten, to sexual abuse (in some cases, in the style of rape) to verbal humiliation.
The thrill is to know you do not have any control on what your kidnapper/kidnappers can do.
Something VERY important is, that, in this style of roleplay, everyone involved are fully aware of all limits and the partner/partners in this are safe as it has been discussed before the event. The most common is tied to a chair in a basement or tied to a bed in a loft the forced to do what the kidnapper requires.