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This is a fetish held by guys who find it a turn on to immerse their genitals in to various liquids, this does tend to be exclusive to males simply because, well, it's only guys have the necessary external equipment to immerse. Liquidophilia doesn't work especially well without the right equipment.

Water fetish.jpeg
If the picture above turns you on, but you don't know why, then maybe you're a Liquidophile.

Varying liquids are used to create varying effects, to back this up, although it would seem most liquidophiles use water (we guess taking a bath would be highly erotic for such people), apparently any liquid can be used. It has also been claimed that some liquidophiles have a preference for liquids that resemble bodily secretions (e.g., drinking yoghurt or milk).

As a footnote, we at Altopedia are wondering......
what the juice from a tin of Baked Beans would be like!!!

There are other water based fetishes;-

  • Aquaphilia - Sexual arousal from water and/or watery environments including bathtubs or swimming pools (sometimes called hydrophilia)
  • Albutophilia – Sexual arousal from water
  • Ablutophilia – Sexual arousal from baths or showers
  • Antiohilia – Sexual arousal from floods
  • Coitobalnism —Sex in a bath tub
  • Coitus a unda – Sex under water
  • Bidetonism – The use of water spray from a bidet as a genital sexual stimulant for women while masturbating.
  • Hypoxyphilia - Sometime used by those who have a fetish for Autoerotic Asphyxiation
  • Water Bondage - It's just what you can imagine it to be.