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Madonna's "Justify My Love" and [[Public Enemy]]'s "Security of the First World" -
Madonna's "Justify My Love" and [[Public Enemy]]'s "Security of the First World" -

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We'd love to give you a rundown of each and every song she's been accused of Plagiarising, but it would take just too long. Madonna seems to be continuously in some kind of Plagiarism scandal, with a ridiculous 15 Plagiarism lawsuits to her credit so far.

Public Enemy

Madonna's "Justify My Love" and Public Enemy's "Security of the First World" -

To make matters worse, that wasn't the only lawsuit that stemmed from this one song. A poet named Ingrid Chavez, after hearing "Justify My Love," couldn't help but notice that she had wrote the lyrics. So, Public Enemy didn't get everything that Madonna earned for that song. Chavez sued also and was awarded a writing credit.

Salvatore Acquaviva

The opening four bars to “Frozen” from Madonna’s Ray of Light album have been alleged to be virtually identical to “Ma vie fout le camp” by Salvatore Acquaviva.

The Result

Madonna lost... but only in Belgium, where Acquaviva is from. Although a Belgian judge ruled that “Frozen” was, in fact, plagiarized, it is believed that Madonna didn’t have to pay any damages. The judge ruled that the album be pulled from shelves and that the song be removed from radio and television play in Belgium. Just Belgium. Madonna flouted the ruling and played the song on her Sticky and Sweet tour stop in Belgium in 2009. It is thought that Aqcuaviva’s representatives declined to sue.

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