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Altopedia is the encyclopedia/information center for the Alternative Community

Some of our more popular categories are: Bands, DJs, Conspiracy Theories, Fetishes, Alternative Medicine and Music_Genres.

One thing we don't like is Genrefication

Yes, we know being alternative is tough to define and yes, we know that plenty of "alternative" bands are frequently played or mentioned in the media; does that then mean they're not alternative? Surely something can have mass appeal and still be alternative! Does becoming popular suddenly mean someone is no longer alternative?

Consider these facts: many brilliant artists went against the grain and their works are now hanging in world’s greatest galleries; many, many underground rebels have changed the world and now their beliefs and ideas have become the norm; and everyone knows that many of the great classical composers were some of the greatest rebels of all time. Success shouldn't exclude these people from being remembered by a community like ours.

At Altopedia, we plan to encourage underground/unsigned Bands, DJs who avoid the average and venues that host events that are at least a little different. We’re here to support struggling artists and rebels of all kinds.

Please feel free to add anything that fits our vision; we’re pretty confident that you know what our readers are interested in:

We're aiming for information about anything that's creative.

Pages to do with anything that society thinks of as ‘normal’ will be deleted.

If you need any kind of help using this kind of site, please check out this link - User guide - read this first!

Consult Help for a full list of information on using the wiki software and how to help for suggestions on how you can get involved in the community.