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Male Chastity .... What is that?

It involves locking the male genitalia in a Chastity cage, that can be opened by a key. The purpose of this cage is that it prevents erection, stimulation and release. In some cases men will introduce this concept as a type of sexual aid, and will be at the mercy of his key holder.

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A man not in Chastity is always satisfied. If his needs are not being met, he will find release via masturbation. For the partners of men in Chastity will know (or will soon realise) that when men are sexually satisfied they are less likely to please their partner non-sexually. A chastised man is deprived of this release, and that's when his instincts kick in. Under the lock and key of Chastity, and the watchful eye of his key holder, the energy that he once spent on his own gratification, is now transformed into pleasing his partner both sexually and non-sexually. It seems that male Chastity is not only a sexual aid, but also a powerful tool for behaviour modification, to a point where it's almost a cliché as a desire to “change your man”.

I'm sure everyone wants the “perfect man”, but to want to “change your man your way” would be seen by society as “unethical and wrong” and the results will be disappointing. With male Chastity however, his biology forces him to display positive traits. Expect your man to do more around the house, give you back rubs, foot rubs, buy you presents, run you a bath and even be waiting for you to get out holding a warm towel. Sound great doesn't it? The possibilities are almost endless, but key holders beware, your going to have to put the poor boy out of his misery and put out at some point. Have fun.

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