Melodic Death Metal

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An Attempt to Explain

Melodic Death Metal, is a sub genre of Heavy Metal and a sub genre of Death Metal which combines the melody with the intensity of Death Metal.

Originating out of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Melodic Death Metal contains more melodic guitar riffs, melodic solos, and acoustic guitar work than death metal. It also contains more comprehensible lyrics with traditional death growl and screaming vocals. The pioneers of Melodic Death Metal would include Ceremonial Oath, Carcass and Dark Tranquillity.

In the late 1990s, many Melodic Death Metal bands changed their style of playing by adding more melodic elements; more melodic choruses and riffs and making more prominent use of keyboards. Also many Melodic Death Metal bands moved away from the lyrical themes of death, gore, and murder common in other death metal groups.

Some Bands

Although there is often some debate as to which bands fit within this genre, some of the bands that have been put under this banner would include;-


The Agonist

Amon Amarth

Arch Enemy

At the Gates

Before the Dawn

Black Dahlia Murder


Dark Tranquillity




Edge of Sanity

Fear Factory

Gates of Ishtar

In Flames

Parkway Drive



Threat Signal