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Mick Mercer (born 1958) is a journalist and author best known for his photos and reviews of the Gothic, Punk and Indie music scenes.


Primarily a writer focused on the Gothic scene and its music. He has also photographed bands from the Punk era onwards. He publishes a monthly online magazine, The Mick, and hosts a weekly live internet radio show, Mick Mercer Radio.

Mercer ran one of the first Punk fanzines, Panache, from 1976 to 1992.

In 1978, he began writing for British music paper Record Mirror, then freelanced for ZigZag magazine, later becoming its editor until the magazine folded in 1986.

During the 1980s, he wrote regularly for the British music weekly Melody Maker, and edited Siren magazine in the 1990s. He has written five books on Gothic music, and self-published over 100 books, available through his website. He continues to publish weekly reviews of records, visible on his Facebook Page.

Mercer's Music to Die For compendium (2009) was described by The Quietus as having "a far greater stylistic variety than the casual observer might imagine", and as being "stuffed full of the best and most artistic music the world has to offer".



1) Gothic Rock Black Book. Omnibus Press. ISBN 0-7119-1546-6 (1988)

Mick Mercer book 1.jpg

2) Gothic Rock: All You Ever Wanted to Know...but Were Too Gormless to Ask. Pegasus Publishing. ISBN 1-873892-01-2 (1991)

Mick Mercer book 2.jpg

3) Hex Files: The Goth Bible. Overlook Press; 1 Amer ed edition. ISBN 0-87951-783-2 (1997)

Mick Mercer book 3.jpg

4) 21st Century Goth. Reynolds & Hearn. ISBN 1-903111-28-5 (2002)

Mick Mercer book 4.jpg

5) Music to Die For. Cherry Red Books. ISBN 978-1-901447-26-2 (2009)

Mick Mercer book 5.jpg


The second and third books spawned a series of CD compilations, with detailed sleeve notes provided by Mercer.

1) Gothic Rock, (double CD)

Mick Mercer album 1.jpg

2) Gothic Rock 2, September 1995 (double CD)

Mick Mercer album 2.jpg

3) Gothic Rock 3: Black on Black, (double CD)

Mick Mercer album 3.jpg

4) Hex Files—The Goth Bible Vol. 1, 1997 (double CD)

Mick Mercer album 4.jpg

5) Hex Files—The Goth Bible Vol. 2, (double CD)

Mick Mercer album 5.jpg

6) Hex Files—The Goth Bible Vol. 3, 1998 (double CD)

Mick Mercer album 6.jpg

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