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Intro and Stuff

Mindless Self Indulgence, commonly abbreviated to MSI, are a crossover act from America, their style takes in Electronic Dance Music, Rock, Punk, Techno, Breakbeat and Industrial, some have given them the title of SynthPunk.
They were band formed out of New York City in 1997.

MSI have also been known to define themselves as "electro-punk jungle pussy" or "industrial jungle pussy punk".


Their group name is derived from a solo EP that frontman Jimmy Urine wrote in 1995.

Albums List

1) Tight (1999)

Msi album 1.jpg

2) Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy (2000)

Msi album 2.jpg

3) You'll Rebel to Anything (2005)

Msi album 3.jpg

4) If (2008)

Msi album 4.jpg

5) How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence (2013)

Msi album 5.jpeg

Members Name Check

  • Jimmy Urine – vocals, synthesizer, programming (1997–present)
  • Steve, Righ? – guitar, backing vocals (1997–present)
  • Kitty – drums (1997–present)
  • Lyn-Z – bass guitar (2001–present)
  • Markus Euringer – guitar, bass guitar (1997)
  • Vanessa Y.T. – bass guitar (1998–2001)

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