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The Mods, got their name from the earlier "modernists", as described in the 1959 novel "Absolute Beginners" by Colin MacInnes, they first emerged as young modern Jazz fans who dressed in sharp, modern italian clothing.
The term Mod went on to describe sharply dressed working class youths who collected Rhythm and Blues, Motown and Jazz, who also watched French and Italian art films and read Italian magazines, they also popped pills, rode scooters and danced in clubs.
A Mod will tell you that Mod a way of life. They will tell you "Once a mod always a mod" and another favourite statement would be. "You can take the boy out of the mod but you can't take the mod out the boy.

It's true that the Mod movement made for an important Movement of Music

A Scooter is a Mods' greatest accessory, as well as a cheap mode of transport that looks stylish, secondly scooters are never identical soon after they leave the show room. Vespas or Lambrettas are he most common. The mod loves the fact that there is so much that can be done to a scooter to personalise the image, mirrors, art work, paint work, all these things help to make up for a mod image.

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Then there is of course the clothes. The Zoot suit, The Boating Blazer, stay pressed trousers, there's the shirts, from the Fred Perry t.shirts, to the expensive sharp crisp shirts. As well there is the tie pin and very narrow tie, usually an inch wide. One of the most famous bit of Mod attire is "Parka", US army issue with a fish tail.

Most Mods will tell you it's the music, there is a great range of sounds for a Mod, from the 60s a Mod will enjoy much of the 60s Rock sound, for example, The Kinks, The Troggs, The Small Faces, The Animals, and of course there was The Who

The other thing we're sure everyone will know, is the the Mods and Rockers being sworn enemies in the 1960s, this brief flaring of Mod and Rocker violence, was seen as emblematic of youth subcultural conflict by many following generations, as well as documentary makers and press. One typical quote was from the birmingham post in 1964, when they claimed that the Mods and the Rockers were internal enemies who would bring about the disintegration of a nation's character.

This Mods and Rocker scene was so influential that it was revived during the early 1980’s, being bought to the foreground by bands like The Jam, the Merton Parkas and Secret Affair, it had a huge influence on the late 1980s Indie music and an even bigger influence on the Indie revival that was scene through the 2000s and 2010s.