Mythical Bestiality

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Mythical Bestiality

Bestiality is one of the biggest taboos out there in modern societies, which can leave people who enjoy bestiality with mythical beasts feeling a bit nervous about exploring their sexuality. But, I say, fear not. There is nothing wrong with exploring this kink. Who would not want to frolic with a unicorn, or bang a werewolf (oh Alcide, you shall be mine, you furry love muffin), or drill a minotaur whilst holding onto their horns. What person would turn down a love in with a group of elves, or gang-bang with some buff fairies down the bottom of your private garden. There has been many a person who's been saved by a kinky and hot spiritual creature or two. You know the saying, save a horse, ride a cowboy? I say save a horse, ride a unicorn, today!

A lot of this is of course, a hypothetical maybe. Bestiality by dictionary definition is defined as "sex between a person and an animal", but the animal, in this case is purely fantasy, and as well, being part human/part animal, so sex with that creature would not fully be bestiality.

There is the theory, that, if the creature is not 100% human then the species is not 100% equivalent to the human he/she is having sex with and therefore a different species, qualifying for the bestiality definition, but being as there are so many variables, as well as differences in opinion, plus the fact that general opinion would state that the creatures don't exist in this world, it's more of a philosophical pondering than a question that can be given a concrete answer.

Whether you believe that Mythical creatures exist in this world, or not, or you believe you have access to Mythical worlds, this is also something that can be played out through Fantasy or Roll Play.
Consider finding others who have an interest in this same Fetish, another option would be to discuss this fantasy with your partner and see if you can explore this fantasy by one or the other of you dressing up.
Always know that whatever the Fetish/Fantasy, (within reason), you're never alone, there will always be others out there that share your desire, all you need to do is look.
Another great place to explore, would be the wonderful world of Cosplay.