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This style is politically and historically tied to the Industrial scene, to the point where some magazines and second hand record shops class it as such whilst spurning the whole Electronic Body Music (EBM) behemoth, but musically the connection is very tenuous – a revival of traditional European Folk, for the most part played acoustically, sometimes featuring martial drumming and electronic effects, but occasionally just guitar and vocals. Twisted versions of traditional verses are a common occurrence in the genre, but many "Neofolk" songs delve into forgotten histories, occult matters, social commentary and indeed any other subject matter deemed esoteric enough to keep the integrity of the genre alive.

The style can be traced back to Death in June’s debut album from 1981, back when they were still emerging from their recent history as anti-Nazi punks. It makes some of the associations this scene allegedly has with the extreme right almost laughable. It’s also a genre which seems to generate different synonyms for every key figure involved. Current 93′s variant of the sound is officially known as ‘Apocalyptic Folk’ whilst ‘Folk Noir’ has been used to describe Sol Invictus output. It’s a highly incestuous scene – most of the bands were signed to the World Serpent Distribution at one point (the Serpent finally choked on it’s own tail sometime around the turn of the millennium leaving many out-of-pocket) and the various musicians that make up the scene have a tendency to crop up on each others recordings. Well, with all the politics, a lot of them have fallen out with each other by now so don’t expect the trend to continue.

We understand the politically controversial views many members of this scene are alleged to hold. This site does not support such alleged views (and they are just allegations for the most part), but will continue to evaluate recordings of interest from a politically neutral, strictly musical viewpoint.

Key Bands;-

Allerseelen, Andrew King, Belborn, Current 93, Death in June, Fire and Ice, Forseti, Hekate, In Gowan Ring, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Of The Wand And The Moon, Ostara, Sieben, Sol Invictus, Sonne Hagal, Sorrow, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud Other bands associated with this genre can be found in the martial and neo-classical sections.