New Orleans Jazz

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New Orleans was a distinct influence on the creation of early Jazz.

A number of the early Jazz performers played in venues throughout that city, including the brothels and bars of the red-light district around Basin Street, called "Storyville", which was only one of numerous neighborhoods relevant to the early days of New Orleans jazz.

Many marching bands of the African American and European American community would play at funerals and other events. The instruments used by these marching bands and other dance bands created the foundation for the instruments of Jazz, these would include brass and reeds tuned to a European 12-tone scale.

Small bands made up of self-taught and well educated African American musicians, many of whom came from the funeral-procession tradition of New Orleans. These musicians played a seminal role in the creation of the early Jazz movement, the music traveled throughout Black communities in the Deep South and, from around 1914 on, Afro-Creole and African American communities started playing in vaudeville shows and took jazz to western and northern US cities