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New Romantic was as much a fashion movement (if not more) as it was a music movement – the teenage heart throbs of those who came of age in the early 1980s are generally found here. Most of the practitioners of the style could be seen hanging around various London and Essex nightclubs from 1979 to some time in the mid 1980s – "Steve Strange" wouldn’t let you in if you weren’t dressed extravagantly enough (so the boys ended up wearing more make-up than the girls).

Musically, New Romantic music was generally either New Wave, Rock or Synthpop, sharing many musical elements but bearing a very distinctive aesthetic. Attempting to find musical similarities between, say, "Adam and the Ants" and "Culture Club", is a harder task than you may imagine – yet both "Adam Ant" and "Boy George" developed two of the most distinctive images of the early 80s. Then you stick them alongside the likes of "Ultravox" and "Spandau Ballet" (who generally wore suits), and wonder if this really WAS a musical genre or just a product of Steve Strange’s imagination.

Key Bands, who are wildly different, would include;-
Adam and the Ants,
A Flock Of Seagulls,
Culture Club,
Duran Duran,
Spandau Ballet,

With David Bowie as a clear and distinct influence over this genre and era.