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We've all screamed at our computers at one time or another, or at chest of drawers for having sticky out feet that trip us up and stub our toes in the dark. But have we ever really sat down with a coffee table and really just...talked to it?! For all we know, the coffee table could be our best friend, our confident.... our lover? When you look at it, any object can be made into something sexual, if you really look closely. Don't believe me? Look at the closest inanimate object closest to you, look at it's angle and texture, reach out and touch it, stroke it. Let your hand glide over it, feels nice, yes? Now imagine a different part of your body against it, how that might feel. This object will never leave you, never change it's mind about things, never hurt you intentionally, it's not going to talk to it's mates about your bad habits. In a way, that object is loyal and reliable. This ladies and gentleman, is the basis for objectophilia.

This fetish even crops up in popular culture

  • The National Geographic did a feature in 2011 as part of the TV series Taboo.
  • The character of Leigh Swift from the television comedy drama Boston Legal, is a self-proclaimed “objectophile”.
  • Richard Burgi made a guest appearance on Nip/Tuck portraying a plastic surgeon with a strong sexual and emotional attraction to furniture (couches in particular), referring to himself as someone with object sexuality and quoting text from the OS Internationale website.
  • In March 2012, TLC had a segment of "My Strange Addiction" In which a man was emotionally and sexually attracted to his car. Similarly, the song "I'm in love with my car" from Queen's fourth album "A Night At The Opera" refers to being attracted to your car.
  • On December 11, 2012 Big Boi of the hip-hop duo Outkast released a solo album called Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors featuring a song called Objectum Sexuality.

  • In 2012 CNN's Anderson Cooper interviewed Nathaniel, the man featured on the TLC segment of "My Strange Addiction," mentioned above, who was in a romantic relationship with his car. On the show Nathaniel says that he is not attracted to just cars but also to jet skis and airplanes and more.
  • The classic has to be this - Objectophilia flashed into the media when it was the subject in a wide variety of international TV stations, from ABC News Good Morning America and the Tyra Banks Show where they all featured "Erika Eiffel" and her "marriage" to the "Eiffel Tower".

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