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Another town with a rich musical heritage, in fact, Nik Turner, one time member of Hawkwind, as well as Space Rock mastermind was even born there.

Purple Turtle

The Purple Turtle in Oxford, is an infamous, subterranean, undergraduate maze of dark corners leading to one almighty dance floor. It regularly showcases new bands, and stunning underground djs.

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Located at - Frewin Court, Oxford OX1 3HZ

Sadly the venue has now been forced to close its doors.

The Cellar Bar

Right in the centre of Oxford, The Cellar has enjoyed a highly respected reputation for supplying cutting edge music to Oxford’s more discerning music lovers since 1999.


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Located at - Market Pl, Wantage OX12 8AT

The Jericho Tavern

Just outside the old city gates in Oxford's historic suburb, there is The Jericho Tavern, a bastion of beautiful beers fine pub food and upcoming musical talent - so the learned patrons tell them.


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If you wanna visit head to - 56 Walton St, Oxford OX2 6AE

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