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"Pedal-pumping" ... also known as "revving" or "cranking", is a fairly monotonous niche porn that started sweeping the web in 2013, it has a large American "redneck" following.

Anneli Rufus, who is an award-winning author, as well as a regular contributor to "The Daily Beast" blog, has discovered a number of websites with huge amounts of video clips showing well kept feet in fancy shoes pumping the accelerator pedal of a car, with people having a preference for a large truck. Some of the sites include:

Susan Block, (PhD), a featured sexologist on HBO's "Real Sex and Cathouse", told people "the basic kinetic movement is a masturbatory motion: the muscles releasing and contracting as the foot rubs repetitively against a phallic symbol, which is the gas pedal. Men think of themselves as cars. The 'vroom' of the engine reminds them of their own libidos being revved up by this hot woman."

On "YouTube" it's possible to find a large amount of videos dedicated to this craze, - it seems that the viewers of this fetish, also have a Feet fetish and/or a Shoe fetish, combined with an interest in cars and a fetish for Voyeurism, if you have all of the aforementioned interests, then maybe Pedal Pumping is the fetish for you. Although, Robert Lawrence, who is the president of the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, said "the sudden interest in any specific fetish will lead to a popular upswing for a while before it dies down."

Susan Block, (PhD) went on to state, that it is a fantasy that can overtake a man's sexual life, "If they can't get off without looking at this one very specific thing, it can be awkward," because "they don't want to have to keep asking their wives to get up in the middle of the night and get into the truck."