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New Wave pioneer.

Seen by many as an Experimental Rock band, but they are so much more than a one dimensional artist. They coined the term Avant-Garage to reflect interest in Experimental and Avant-Garde music.


Thomas has stated the term is "a joke invented to have something to give journalists when they yelp for a neat sound bite or pigeonhole".

Their music is also raw, Blues inspired, Garage Rock.

They were formed out of Cleveland, Ohio, in 1975.

They have had a number of long-standing members, but vocalist David Thomas is the only permanent one.

Pere Ubu is named after Père Ubu ("father Ubu"), the protagonist of Ubu Roi ("Ubu, the King"), a play by French writer Alfred Jarry.

While Pere Ubu have never been a huge commercial success, they have a devoted following, have been critically acclaimed, and are cited as an influence by many.

Studio Albums List

  1. The Modern Dance (1978)
  2. Dub Housing (1978)
  3. New Picnic Time (1979)
  4. The Art of Walking (1980)
  5. Song of the Bailing Man (1982)
  6. The Tenement Year (1988)
  7. Cloudland (1989)
  8. Worlds in Collision (1991)
  9. Story of My Life (1993)
  10. Ray Gun Suitcase (1995)
  11. Pennsylvania (1998)
  12. St. Arkansas (2002)
  13. Why I Hate Women (2006)
  14. Long Live Père Ubu! (2009)
  15. Lady from Shanghai (2013)
  16. Carnival of Souls (2014)

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