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Consisting of;-

  • Ofer Dikovski (Oforia)
  • Avi Algranati (Space Cat)
  • Marko Goren
  • Dino Psaras (Cydonia, Ayahuasca)

Its a Psychedelic Trance project from Israel, and was a collaboration between the four most prominent early Trance producers in Israel.

They are probably best known for their '96 hit track “Tornado”. It has been released on many compilations including A Voyage Into Trance 2, Order Odonata 2, Dragonfly Classix, (Dragonfly Records), Distance to Goa 4, and Retro: 10 Years Of Israeli Trance. It is often featured on “sampler” compilations such as A Taste Of Goa Trance, as an early example of Israeli Goa Trance.