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Intro and Info

A Swedish Psychobilly band who formed in 2002.

They released their first album titled Pitbullfarm same year on their own label Pitbullfarm Record.

In 2006 the band split up, but in 2012 they accepted to do a reunion gig at Kuggnäs. After that it became official that the band existed again, and they have toured and made over a hundred gigs across Europe, Canada and Russia.

In November 2016, the band announced on its official Facebook page that they will do their absolute last appearance in February 2017.

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Studio Album

1) Pitbullfarm (Released on: Pitbullfarm Record - PFCD 001 2002)

Pitballfarm 1.jpg

2) Glory Hole Hallelujah (Released on Öppåhåppa Records 2013)

Pitballfarm 2.jpg

3) Dog's Bollocks (Released on Subcultural Records 2014)

Pitballfarm 3.jpg

4) Who the fuck is Billy? (Released on Öppåhåppa Records 2015)

Pitballfarm 4.jpg

5) The First Battle (2015)

Pitballfarm 5.jpg

6) All Screwed Up (2017)

Pitbullfarm all skrewed up.jpg


1) Carolus Rex 8 (Released on: UT Records - CDUT0605)

2) Psychobilly Wreckage Vol. 1


1) Welcome to Pussy Ville (Released on Pretty shitty town record)

Pitballfarm ep1.jpg

2) Our Time Willcome (Rebel Records 2015)

Pitballfarm ep2.jpg

Members Name Check

  • Joakim - Vocals and Guitar
  • Mattias - double bass
  • John - Drums

Former Members

  • Tony - bass
  • Esa - Guitar
  • Stefan - Guitar
  • Micro - Drums
  • Mojje - Drums
  • Jonny - Guitar

External Links

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