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Not to be confused with from Pyromania, because someone with this fetish sexualiees fire.

Pyrophilia is fairly uncommon, the person gains gratification from fire or a fire-starting activity. The distinction from pyromania is derived by the gratification from the fire being of a sexual nature.

Some described cases of pyrophilia do not include behavior commonly associated with pyromania, such as being a regular “watcher” at fires local to them, or setting off false alarms and getting their pleasure from the fire brigade showing up, or spending time at the local fire stations, or setting off fires in order to get an association with the fire department. Sexual gratification need not involve actual fire, their arousal or masturbatory aids may simply include fantasies or talk of setting off a fire. In other instances, the person may derive arousal primarily from setting off or viewing their fire.

Pyrophilia has been officially diagnosed in a limited number of instances, but is not fully accepted by the general psychological community.