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9) '''...Trouble Maker''' (2017)
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=Members Name Check=
=Members Name Check=

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USA Punk act who came along during one of the later waves of Punk


Formed out of Berkeley, California, in 1991, by 1980s Punk veterans Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman, who previously played in the highly influential Ska Punk band Operation Ivy, as well as their former drummer Brett Reed.

Rancid is often credited, along with The Offspring, and others for reviving interest in Punk during the mid '90's. Unlike many of their contemporaries, Rancid remained signed to an independent record label and retained much of its original fan-base, most of which was connected to its underground roots.

To date, (2015) Rancid has released eight studio albums, one split album, one compilation, two EPs, and a series of live online only albums, and has been featured on a number of compilation albums. They have independently sold over four million records worldwide, making Rancid one of the most successful independent bands of all time.

The band rose to fame in 1994 with its second studio album, Let's Go, featuring the single "Salvation". In the following year, Rancid released its highly successful album ...And Out Come the Wolves, which produced what has probably become their best-known songs "Roots Radicals", "Ruby Soho" and "Time Bomb", the album sold over one million copies in the United States alone. Rancid's next four albums — Life Won't Wait (1998), Rancid (2000), Indestructible (2003) and Let the Dominoes Fall (2009) — were also critically acclaimed, though not as commercially successful as ...And Out Come the Wolves. Rancid released ...Honor Is All We Know, their first studio album in five years, on October 27, 2014.

Albums List

1) Rancid (1993)

Rancid 1.jpg

2) Let's Go (1994)

Rancid 2.jpg

3) ...And Out Come the Wolves (1995)

Rancid 3.jpg

4) Life Won't Wait (1998)

Rancid 4.jpg

5) Rancid (2000)

Rancid 5.jpg

6) Indestructible (2003)

Rancid 6.jpg

7) Let the Dominoes Fall (2009)

Rancid 7.jpg

8) ...Honor Is All We Know (2014)

Rancid 8.jpg

9) ...Trouble Maker (2017)

Rancid Trouble Maker.jpg

Members Name Check

  • Tim Armstrong – lead vocals, guitar (1991–present)
  • Matt Freeman – bass, vocals (1991–present)
  • Lars Frederiksen – guitars, vocals (1993–present)
  • Branden Steineckert – drums, percussion (2006–present)
  • Brett Reed – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1991–2006)

External Links

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