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Reptilians (also known as lizard men, Draconians, or those damn reptiles) are a race of shape shifting intergalactic/fourth dimensional aliens that supposedly rule the world. Secretly. The conspiracy king David Icke has popularized the theory in recent years.



According to Icke, Reptilians come from a star named Alpha Draconis, or Thuban, in the constellation Draco and masqueraded as a race of Gods known as the Anunnaki from ancient Mesopotamian cultures. The Anunnaki bred with human beings to create a network of bloodlines, known as the Babylonian Brotherhood, who control humanity today. All groups, such as the Illuminati or the Bilderberg group, are controlled by the Brotherhood. Most of the world leaders can be traced to a Brotherhood bloodline, including the Bush family, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and the House of Windsor. Yes, according to this, the Queen is a lizard.

Reptilians or depictions of reptilians throughout the ages include:

Djinn from Islamic mythology, spiritual beings; some of which can shape-shift into serpent forms
Dragon Kings from Chinese mythology
Cecrops, the king of Athens
Lamia from Greek mythology, who ate children
Naga from Hindu mythology, reptilians who live underground
Sobek, the crocodile headed Ancient Egyptian God
The Serpent from the Book of Genesis, who tricked Eve into eating Gods special apple


There are three types of reptilian: reptilian-humanoids, Draco reptoids and reptilian-grey alien crossbreeds.
The most commonly seen reptilian appears to be the reptilian-humanoids, so we shall start with them.

Reptilian-humanoids range from 5ft to 9ft tall with scaly skin that is usually a greenish brown. They have muscular powerful bodies and long arms with three fingers and an opposable thumb (like a green version of The Simpsons). They have three toes on each foot. They have no nipples or navel. They are completely hairless. Their genitals are concealed. Sometimes they have tails, sometimes they don't.

The Draco reptoids are the elites in the reptilian hierarchy. They can be from 7ft to 12ft tall but the main difference from the normal reptilians is that they have wings. They also have horns on their head. Apparently there are also Draco's that have white scales that appear to be in charge of the others. If you ever come across a 12ft tall reptilian with wings then don't panic, you're probably already eaten.

Finally, there are reports of reptilian-grey cross breeds. These appear to be a lot smaller than the others, usually 4 and a half feet tall, with very thin bodies, over-sized heads and large black eyes, like their Grey cousins.


A normal Troodon

In 1982, a paleontologist named Dale Russell suggested that a dinosaur named the Troodon could have evolved into humanoid creatures. Russell discovered that a Troodons brain size and intelligence was six times higher than other dinosaurs and, had they not died out 65 million years ago, would have evolved to have a brain case comparable to a humans.

The BBC made this very short video concerning the possibilities of a dinosauroid, complete with dinosaur men walking around doing their shopping. Warning: it is horrifying.

Reptilians in the media

Though the reptilian New World Order is meant to be kept a secret, they just can't resist popping up in films or television programs. After all, the best way to hide something is in plain sight.

V - 1983

V was a science fiction mini-series that ran in 1983. A race of aliens with humanoid features come to earth from a planet orbiting the star Sirius and need minerals for their planet. In return they promise humans advanced technology. Everything is seemingly fine until a cameraman discovers that they are actually carnivorous reptilians who wear fake skin and contacts to fool the humans. Some humans discover the truth about the reptilians (that they actually want to enslave and eat all the humans) and form a resistance but alas, it is too little too late, and the series ends with the reptilians in control of the earth. There's also a scene where a woman gives birth to a reptilian-human hybrid. It's gross.

The Lost World - 1999

Loosely based on the novel The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the television series is about a group of adventurers who crash their hot air balloon in the Amazon jungle and end up on a prehistoric plateau. They encounter dinosaurs and ape-men yet in a deviation from the novel they also discover a race of lizardmen, who have horrible eyes that take up half their face.

Doctor Who

In the television series Doctor Who there is a fictional race of reptilian humanoids named the 'Silurians'. In their first appearance (back in 1970) the Silurians have a third eye on their forehead. A 'third eye' is also known as the Pineal gland, those familiar with spirituality will know that awakening the third eye properly through Meditation will open the gates to inner realms and higher consciousness. In a two-part episode of Doctor Who in 2010, the Silurians appear again, but without a third eye. The Silurians are awoken after hibernating for a few thousand years and they aren't happy. One Silurian wants to get on with all the humans but some of the others want to kill all of them.

A Silurian musing on which type of moisturizer would be most effective on scaly skin

They end up hibernating again until humanity is less crazy about killing everything. The episode comes across a bit like reptilian propaganda, with the reptiles having a very sympathetic portrayal whilst the humans are just morons, as usual. Whilst this can be tolerated in films like Ferngully (because humans are ruining this planet, maybe) the line should be drawn at reptilians telling us that we aren't a very nice race.


Though many have tried to capture a wild reptilian, few have been successful. Here is a compilation of all reptilian sightings. Proof of lizard men, or bad camera angles and lighting? You be the judge.

George Bush senior

Here is what a few conspiracy theorists would say is the best proof of a reptilian, a video of George Bush seniors' pupils doing peculiar things. Cold-blooded lizard man isn't the worst thing Bush senior has been called. The video linked used to have over 5 million views, but apparently Youtube has taken to messing around with peoples accounts, probably to keep others away from the truth.

Obamas Bodyguard

During the 2012 AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) conference, a very odd looking bloke was caught on camera. At first he seems like a normal security guard, but with a little mucking around with the contrast, you can clearly see the mans face take on a not-so-humanoid appearance. Maybe. The video is kind of blurry. Could this be a reptilian, or did Lord Voldemort have a hidden 8th Horcrux?

Allegedly a spokesperson from the White House has countered these claims, saying: “I can’t confirm the claims made in this video, but any alleged program to guard the president with aliens or robots would likely have to be scaled back or eliminated in the sequester,” Caitlin Hayden, the chief spokeswoman for the National Security Council, e-mails Danger Room. “I’d refer you to the Secret Service or Area 51 for more details.”

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