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Born on June the 4th, 1970, he is an English-born Canadian Electronic Dance Music musician and DJ, as well as three times DJ Awards winner.

He was an influential part of Detroit Techno's second wave of artists in the early 1990s and has been a leading exponent of Minimal Techno since the mid-1990s.

He is probably best known for his work under the alias Plastikman as well as for his ENTER. events in Ibiza and around the world.

Hawtin is known for DJing Techno sets making use of laptop computers and digital mixing equipment.

In May 1990 Hawtin and fellow second-waver John Acquaviva founded the Plus 8 record label, which they named after their turntable's pitch adjust function. In 1998, Hawtin launched M_nus Records. In summer 2012 Hawtin first presented ENTER., his experimental event at Space in Ibiza.


Hawtin has recorded music under the aliases Plastikman, F.U.S.E., Concept 1, Forcept 1, Circuit Breaker, Robotman, Chrome, Spark, Xenon, R.H.X., Jack Master, Richard Michaels and UP!. He also recorded and performed, in combination with other artists, under group names such as The Hard Brothers, Hard Trax (with his brother Matthew Hawtin), 0733, Cybersonik (with Daniel Bell and John Acquaviva), Final Exposure (with Joey Beltram and Mundo Muzique), Just For Fun (with Holger Wick), Narod Niki (with Akufen, Cabanne, Dandy Jack, Daniel Bell, Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Robert Henke and Thomas Franzmann), Two Guys In The Basement (with John Acquaviva), Spawn (with Fred Giannelli and Daniel Bell) and States Of Mind (with Acquaviva).

Hawtin and Pete Namlook collaborated to produce the From Within series of albums which blend Minimal Techno and Ambient. He has also released a mix CD Sounds of the Third Season with Sven Väth.

Slices magazine launched a series of biographies in 2007 called "Pioneers of Electronic Music"; their first issue was a 60-minute biographical documentary on Hawtin. The film follows his career from his early days crossing the border to Detroit to his current life in Berlin, and contains interviews with many colleagues and family members.

2011 saw the release of Arkives 1993 - 2010, a massive box set containing everything Hawtin has released under his Plastikman moniker, as well as a new mixed set and previously unreleased material. The collection includes CDs, vinyl, digital downloads and a DVD.

In November 2013 Hawtin performed as Plastikman at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City. This performance inspired him to finish a new Plastikman LP. "It put me back in the studio and inspired me enough to work on new material, and in five days I created a new album", he said. The album, titled EX, was released digitally on June 10, 2014 followed with a physical release on July 15, 2014.

On December 11, 2015 Hawtin released a fifteen-track LP titled From My Mind To Yours to commemorate the 25 year anniversary of his record label Plus 8. The album consists of all new tracks from his various aliases such as Plastikman, F.U.S.E., Robotman, R.H.X., and Circuit Breaker. In its first week it reached the top 20 in the UK dance album charts.

Selected Discography


  1. F.U.S.E. : Dimension Intrusion, 1993
  2. Plastikman: Sheet One, 1993
  3. Plastikman: Recycled Plastik, 1994
  4. Plastikman: Musik, 1994
  5. Plastikman: Sickness (EP), 1997
  6. Concept 1: 96:CD, 1998
  7. Concept 1: 96:VR, 1998 (remixed by Thomas Brinkmann)
  8. Plastikman: Consumed, 1998
  9. Plastikman: Artifakts [bc], 1998
  10. Plastikman: Closer, 2003
  11. Plastikman to the power of 9: Kompilation, 2010
  12. Plastikman: Arkives, 2011
  13. Plastikman: EX, 2014 (UK Dance #16)
  14. Richie Hawtin: From My Mind To Yours, 2015

DJ Mix Compilations

  1. Richie Hawtin: Mixmag Live!, 1995 (Live DJ mix album)
  2. Richie Hawtin: Decks, EFX & 909, 1999 (DJ mix album)
  3. Richie Hawtin: DE9: Closer to the Edit, 2001 (DJ mix album)
  4. Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth: Sound of the Third Season, 2002 (DJ mix album)
  5. Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos Live at the Robert Johnson, Offenbach, Germany, 2004 (11 hour DJ set)
  6. Richie Hawtin: DE9 | Transitions, 2005 (DJ mix album)
  7. Richie Hawtin: DE9 lite: Electronic Adventures, 2006 (DJ mix album, produced with MixMag)
  8. Richie Hawtin: Sounds from Can Elles, 2008 (unmixed various artist compilation, free with DJ Magazine issue 467)
  9. Richie Hawtin: Mixmag presents: Richie Hawtin - New Horizons, 2012 (DJ mix album)

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