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A talented artist with connections to Brian Eno, but Robert Fripp, was also part of "King Crimson", was involved with "David Sylvian", as well as David Bowie, and was also partly responsible for laying down the foundations for Ambient, Minimalist and even Trance, amongst others.


Born on the 16th of May 1946, he is known as an English guitarist, composer and record producer.

As a guitarist for the Progressive Rock band King Crimson, Fripp has been the only member to have played in all of King Crimson's line-ups from the late 1960s to the early 2010s. He is also believed to be the driving, creative and political force of King Crimson, bearing responsibility for line-up changes and ending and resuming the group at various points.

He has also worked extensively as a studio musician, notably with David Bowie on the albums Heroes and Scary Monsters, and contributed sounds to the Windows Vista operating system.

His complete discography lists more than seven hundred releases over four decades.

His compositions often feature unusual time signatures, which have been influenced by classical and folk traditions. His innovations have included Frippertronics, soundscapes, and New standard tuning.

He is ranked 62nd on Rolling Stone magazine's 2011 list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" after having been ranked by David Fricke 42nd on its 2003 list. Tied with Andrés Segovia, he also is ranked 47th on's "Top 50 guitarists of all time".

Studio Albums List

1) Exposure (1979)

Fripp 1.jpg

2) God Save the Queen/Under Heavy Manners (1980)

Fripp 2.jpg

3) Let the Power Fall: An Album of Frippertronics (1981)

Fripp 3.jpg

4) The Gates of Paradise (1998)

Fripp 4.jpg

With David Bowie

1) Heroes (1977)

Bowie Heroes.png

2) Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) (1980)

Bowie ScaryMonsters.jpg

With King Crimson

1) In the Court of the Crimson King (1969)

King Crimson 1.jpg

2) In the Wake of Poseidon 1970

King Crimson 2.jpg

3) Lizard (1970)

King Crimson 3.jpg

4) Islands (1971)

King Crimson 4.jpg

5) Larks' Tongues in Aspic (1973)

King Crimson 5.jpg

6) Starless and Bible Black (1974)

King Crimson 6.jpg

7) Red (1974)

King Crimson 7.jpg

8) Discipline (1981)

King Crimson 8.jpg

9) Beat (1982)

King Crimson 9.jpeg

10) Three of a Perfect Pair (1984)

King Crimson 10.jpg

11) THRAK (1995)

King Crimson 11.jpg

12) The ConstruKction of Light (2000)

King Crimson 12.jpg

13) The Power to Believe (2003)

King Crimson 13.jpg

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