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Intro and Info

A UK Rock n Roll / Pub Rock group of the late '70s/early '80s, noted for their strong Rockabilly and Power Pop influences, and as a foundational influence on New Wave.

Additionally, Rockpile served as backing group on tracks recorded by Mickey Jupp in 1978 and Carlene Carter in 1980.


Rockpile recorded four studio albums, though only one (Seconds of Pleasure 1980) was released under the Rockpile banner.


Two other albums (Tracks on Wax 4 1978)


(Repeat When Necessary 1979)


Were both released as Dave Edmunds solo albums. There was one more (Labour of Lust 1979)


This was released as a Nick Lowe solo album.

Scattered Rockpile tracks can also be found on a few other Lowe and Edmunds solo albums.

Singles List

  1. "Wrong Again (Let's Face It)" (1980)
  2. "Teacher Teacher" (1980)
  3. "Now and Always" (1980)

(All taken from the Seconds of Pleasure album)

Members Name Check

Rockpile were;-

  • Dave Edmunds (vocals, guitar)
  • Nick Lowe (vocals, bass guitar)
  • Billy Bremner (vocals, guitar)
  • Terry Williams (drums)