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What It Is

This is when a scene is played out by two or more people all done in character. This involved to the person changing their behaviour to assume a role to act out, for example: Doctors and nurses A young doctor flirts with a pretty young nurse and they disappear into a private room/cupboard and have some fun. Limits are up to the two or more consenting people. Scenarios are as limitless as there are different genres of which one can choose while role-playing, including, but not limited to, fantasy, modern, medieval, steam punk, historical, etc. Books, movies or games can be, and often are, used as a basis for role-plays (which in such cases may be deemed "collaborative fan-fiction"), with players either assuming the roles of established characters or using those the players themselves create "Original Characters" to replace or exist alongside characters from the book, movie or game, playing through well-trodden plots as alternative characters, or expanding upon the setting and story outside of its established plot. Role playing takes years to master, but it does not take too long to learn the basics. From this people get a deeper sexual thrill as it is something that they would normally never do which adds fuel to the fire and heightens the experience.

Roleplay and Sex

Many of the most common sexual roleplays involve a power differential and form part of the dominance and submission aspect of BDSM. Roles can be general designations of power positions, or very specific, detailed fantasies. Some people, such as those living the Gorean lifestyle make use of an entire imaginary world. The controlling player is often called the top or dominant while the controlled individual is called the bottom or submissive.


this is a form of roleplaying in which an individual acts and/or treats another as if they were a different age. The practice can be regressive, in which the goal is to re-experience childhood, or sexual, recreating a sexual relationship with people of the pretend and/or true ages. Generally this can involve someone pretending to be younger than they actually are, but more rarely can involve assuming an older role. We have a whole page dedicated to Ageplay.

Animal Roleplay

This is where a player is treated as a non-human animal such as a dog or pony.

check out Human ponies or Animal Roleplay or Furrism


in this scenario a player is treated as the property of the master/mistress.

Torturer/Captive prisoner

where one player is a captor who, in some way shape or form, abuses the other.

Authority figure/Misbehaving Adult

where a player takes on the role of an authority figure and blackmails or humiliates his or her partner into sexual activity.

Gender Play

where one or more players take on roles of the opposite sex, check out our Gender Play page.

Goddess worship

where a woman is seen as a pagan deity.

Hospital fantasies

involving people acting like doctors, nurses and patients, or actually being doctors/nurses/patients.

Uniform fetish

one participant dresses in uniform (for instance as a student, cheerleader, French maid, etc.), while the dominant participant plays an authority figure (a parent, teacher, coach, police officer, etc.).

Rape fantasy

or a ravishment where one player feigns being coerced into an unwelcome sex act.

Owner/Inanimate object

This is where one of the participants behaves like and is treated as a piece of human furniture.

Internal Links

Other forms or Roleplay would be Kidnap fantasy and Prison Fetish