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Unlike Fishnets, rubber is not in main-stream fetish fashion.

Pvcetc 2.JPG

Normally rubber clothing is found at the back of sex shops with all the Leather Fetish and Chain Fetish wear, also along side the Latex and PVC, although some of these items are finding their way through to more prominent positions in shops, and breaking out of the exclusively Fetish Wear market

You can normally find such clothing like cat suits, pants, bras, g-strings, etc. Then you have the more fancy stuff like masks and masks with tubing that you breathe out of. This restriction of movement, air and external tactile sensory of your surroundings, makes it easier to focus on other sensations in exposed regions and about what is happening to you.

So it's not just a play on senses but also a play on the mind. You are then focussed on your fantasy, nothing else can distract you. What’s not to like about that? Not to mention they're easy to clean afterwards :D