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Info and Intro

Rush are a Canadian Rock trio formed in Toronto in 1968.

The band is most famous for its lineup of;-

  • Bassist/Keyboardist/Vocalist Geddy Lee
  • Guitarist/Vocalist Alex Lifeson
  • Drummer/Lyricist Neil Peart.

Peart joined the band in 1974 shortly after the departure of founding drummer John Rutsey, two weeks before their first USA tour.

Since 1974, Rush have released nineteen studio albums and ten live albums, their latest releases being the 2012 studio album Clockwork Angels and the 2013 synonymous tour live album, Clockwork Angels Tour. The band are known for their large and loyal fanbase, as well as for the extent of which their music has influenced other bands.

Awards and Credits and Stuff

The RIAA stated that Rush rank number 80, with sales of 25 million units in the USA alone. A number of industry types have estimated that, Rush's total worldwide album sales at over 40 million units, this was as of 2004.

Rush have been awarded 24 gold, 14 platinum, and 3 multi-platinum albums.

They have received seven Grammy award nominations, but sadly they have never won. They have, however, won several Juno Awards, were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1994, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, (see video brlow).

During their careers, the members of Rush have been acknowledged as some of the most proficient players on their respective instruments, with each band member winning numerous awards in magazine readers' polls.

Rush's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2013


They have always shared a strong ethic, aiming to accurately recreate what they do in the studio when playing live. To achieve this, the started to include a huge rack of digital samplers in their concert equipment to recreate the sounds of non-traditional instruments, accompaniments, vocal harmonies, and other sound "events" in real-time to match the sounds on the studio versions of the songs.

Throughout shows, each member will share duties on most songs, they will each have one or more MIDI controllers, these controllers will control different sounds for each song, and they will use whatever limb is available to trigger these sounds while they simultaneously play their primary instrument(s).

This technology makes them able to perform their arrangements in a live context, without having to resort to the use of backing tracks or employing an additional band member(s).

A feature of Rush's shows is the Neil Peart drum solo, his drum solos are unlike any other drummer, they include a basic framework of routines connected by sections of improvisation, making each performance unique.

Each successive tour sees the solo more advanced, with some routines dropped in favour of newer, more complex ones. Since the mid-1980s, Peart has used MIDI trigger pads to trigger sounds sampled from various pieces of acoustic percussion that would otherwise consume far too much stage area, such as a marimba, harp, temple blocks, triangles, glockenspiel, orchestra bells, tubular bells, and vibraslap as well as other, more esoteric percussion, but they are always played and triggered live.

Studio Albums List

1) Rush (1974)

Rush rush.jpg

2) Fly by Night (1975)

Rush Fly by Night.jpg

3) Caress of Steel (1975)

Rush Caress of Steel.jpg

4) 2112 (1976)

Rush 2112.jpg

5) A Farewell to Kings (1977)

Rush A Farewell to Kings.jpg

6) Hemispheres (1978)

Rush Hemispheres.jpg

7) Permanent Waves (1980)

Rush permanent waves.jpg

8) Moving Pictures (1981)

Rush Moving Pictures.jpg

9) Signals (1982)

Rush Signals.jpg

10) Grace Under Pressure (1984)

Rush Grace Under Pressure.jpg

11) Power Windows (1985)

Rush Power Windows.jpg

12) Hold Your Fire (1987)

Rush hold your fire.jpg

13) Presto (1989)

Rush presto-cover.jpg

14) Roll the Bones (1991)

Rush roll the bones.jpg

15) Counterparts (1993)

Rush Counterparts.jpg

16) Test for Echo (1996)

Rush test for.jpg

17) Vapor Trails (2002)

Rush Vapor Trails.jpg

18) Snakes & Arrows (2007)

Rush snakesandarrows.jpg

19) Clockwork Angels (2012)

Rush clockwork-angels.jpg

Members Name Check

  • Geddy Lee – bass, lead vocals, keyboards (1968–present)
  • Alex Lifeson – acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizer bass, backing vocals (1968–present)
  • Neil Peart – drums, percussion (1974–present)
  • John Rutsey – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1968–74; died 2008)
  • Jeff Jones – bass, lead vocals (1968)
  • Lindy Young – keyboards, guitars, lead and backing vocals, harmonica, drums (1968–69)
  • Joe Perna – bass guitar, lead vocals (1969)
  • Mitchell Bossi – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1971)
  • Gerry Fielding – drums (1973)

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