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This is probably the most common of all the Fetishes around. To play with S&M, you don't really need any special toys, devices or costumes. It can be simply you and your partner in a chosen room somewhere (that's legal of course) and bam! You're all set to release some hardcore sado-masochism! Pleasure is taken from giving or receiving pain and/or humiliation, but it's not just about that either. It's about being powerless and out of control or being the one in control, powerful. These things alone can cause a good saucy buzz. But when this buzz starts to wear off, it's time to get the big boys in, i'm talking whips, handcuffs, ropes – the whole fandango. No one can resist a bit of spanking, tickling or love biting. The feast of multi-sensory is what draws people into the S&M in the first place, combine this with fantasy Roleplay (example; bad cowboy/girl and sheriff, old fashioned school teacher and bad pupil, cops and robbers, etc) and you have yourself a whole night of healthy fun ahead of you. You filthy scoundrel! It's the docks for you, mister!!

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