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An American Alternative Rock/Grunge band formed out of Ellensburg, Washington in 1985


The band was formed by vocalist Mark Lanegan, guitarist Gary Lee Conner, bass player Van Conner and drummer Mark Pickerel. Pickerel had been replaced by Barrett Martin by the time the band reached its most successful period.

Although widely associated with Grunge, the band's sound incorporated Hard Rock and Psychedelic Rock elements. Since its formation,

Screaming Trees released eight studio albums, five EPs, eight singles, and three compilations.

Screaming Trees are known as one of the "Godfathers of Grunge" along with The Melvins, Mudhoney, U-Men, Skin Yard, Soundgarden, Green River, Cosmic Psychos and Malfunkshun.

Screaming Trees rose to fame as part of the Grunge movement of the early 1990s, along with bands such as Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden and were one of the most successful underground music acts of the 1990s.

The band achieved one top ten single on the Modern Rock Tracks charts, but made it to no.1 in the UK in 1995. Screaming Trees were plagued by extended inactivity due to their problems with making a follow up to Dust. This led to their official breakup in 2000.


Members of Screaming Trees were also involved with the now legendary Desert Sessions.

Studio Albums List

1) Clairvoyance (1986)

Screaming trees 1.jpg

2) Even If and Especially When (1987)

Screaming trees 2.jpg

3) Invisible Lantern (1988)

Screaming trees 3.jpg

4) Buzz Factory (1989)

Screaming trees 4.jpg

5) Uncle Anesthesia (1991)

Screaming trees 5.jpg

6) Sweet Oblivion (1992)

Screaming trees 6.jpg

7) Dust (1996)

Screaming trees dust.jpg

8) Last Words: The Final Recordings (2011)

Screaming trees 7.jpg

EPs List

1) Other Worlds (Released: November 29, 1985, Label: SST, Format: CD, CS, LP)

Screaming trees ep1.jpg

2) Beat Happening/Screaming Trees (Released: January 19, 1988, Label: K, Homestead, Format: CD, CS, LP)

Screaming trees ep2.jpg

3) Something About Today (Released: June 8, 1990, Label: Epic, Format: CD, CS, LP)

Screaming trees ep3.jpg

4) Change Has Come (Released: July 24, 1991, Label: Sub Pop, Format: CD, CS, LP)

Screaming trees ep4.jpg

5) Winter Songs Tour Tracks (Released: December 21, 1992, Label: Epic, Format: CD, CS, LP)

Screaming trees ep5.jpg

Singles List

1) 1991 "Bed of Roses" (from Uncle Anesthesia)

2) 1992 "Nearly Lost You" (from Sweet Oblivion)

3) 1993 "Dollar Bill" (from Sweet Oblivion)

4) 1993 "Shadow of the Season" (from Sweet Oblivion)

5) 1993 "Butterfly" (from Sweet Oblivion)

6) 1996 "All I Know" (from Dust)

7) 1996 "Dying Days" (from Dust)

8) 1996 "Sworn and Broken" (from Dust)

Members Name Check

  • Mark Lanegan - lead vocals, guitar (1985–2000)
  • Gary Lee Conner - guitar, backing vocals (1985–2000)
  • Van Conner - bass, backing vocals (1985–2000)
  • Barrett Martin - drums, percussion, backing vocals (1991–2000)
  • Mark Pickerel - drums (1985–1991)

Touring Musicians

  • Donna Dresch - bass (1988, 1991)
  • Sean Hollister - drums (1991)
  • Dan Peters - drums (1991)
  • Josh Homme - rhythm guitar (1996–1998)