Shoe fetish

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Shoe Fetish

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With feet come shoes. But what's the difference? Well, a Feet fetish is about the barefoot, the feel of the foot, the shape, texture and the different sensations you can get from foot play. With shoes, it's about restricting your access to all of those goodies. It's the S & M of the feet world. Now, we've all seen those 'fuck-me' shoes in shop windows and talked about on tv and in books, but did you know these 'fuck-me' shoes actually come from shoe fetishists. Yep, that's right, just putting that fact out there for you. These type of shoes are perfect in foot sex, because they tend to be covered or partly covered, bound and in various shapes and material. So a patent leather shoe will give a very different sexual reaction to a silky material shoe. One is more hard and bold than the other, which is more soft and feminine.