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We all know that smoking is bad for us. Thank you health officials for killing our buzz! But if like me, you're a smoker, then you may already find it sexy to begin with. A large part of the fetish begins in the mind with associations to film/tv and music celebs who we have seen smoking, and have looked damn hot doing it. And so the association with sex begins.

Smoking in the Media

Cultural we all like a bit of the whole bad girl/bad boy culture – of which at least most of them are pictured as being smokers. And again, they look super hot doing it. The association with sex develops more. We can then progress on to actually including the act of sex with the act of smoking, so it becomes not just about the sight of someone smoking but it also becomes about 'seeing' their hot smokey breath on your naughty places.

Sexual Similarities

You cannot tell me (unless you're against smoking) that it wouldn't be arousing to watch a girl blow smoke on your dick, before giving you a blow-job of the century afterwards, or to watch a guy blow smoke across your c*nt/twat/whatever you want to call it before licking you out like crazy. C'mon you seriously cannot tell you don't wanna go try that with someone right now! Huh?!

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